BAT NL #2: Serenity BDD

“Serenity, that feeling you know you can trust your tests.” Sounds great, but I was thinking of Firefly first when I heard the name ‘Serenity’. In this case, we are talking about (yet another) tool/framework you can use to automate your tests.

The selling points of this framework are that it integrates your acceptance tests (BDD) with reporting and acts like living documentation. It can also integrate with JIRA and all that jazz. Hearing this, I wasn’t ‘wowed’ per se. There are many tools out there that can do that. But Serenity isn’t supporting just one approach. Although it is heavily favouring Webdriver/Selenium, you can also use JBehave, JUnit, Cucumber. That is really nice!

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BAT-NL #2: DaSpec

The 21st of August 2015 a group of Agile testing experts came together in the second edition of the BAT-NL peer conference. The theme for this edition was “Hands-on” and all attendees had prepared at least one topic.

After a round of pitching and voting idea’s, the top two topics that stood out were an introduction to Serenity, suggested by Kishen Simbhoedatpanday and an investigation of DaSpec suggested by Johan Vink. We decided to split up in groups and do a shootout of both tools.

Here’s my report on DaSpec, decide for yourself.

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BAT-NL #1 Day Two

During the planning session on the first day of the BAT conference a program for day two had emerged, a full day of presentations and interaction. The format for our conference involves presentations followed by a period of “open season” a structured (facilitated) discussion. I’ve attempted to make a summary of the presentations and I’ve tried to capture some of the takeaways I got out of it.

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BAT-NL #1 Day One

Friday the 19th of December together with 12 valued colleagues I attended the first BAT meeting in the Netherlands. A peer conference for agile testers. The topic was “Your Passion”. All participants had prepared an experience report, somehow related to that topic. The Friday evening was mostly intended for setting the intention for the conference and delivering the schedule for Saturdays sessions.

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